ARCHER GUITAR SCHOOL was founded in 1945 by the late Hardy Archer, after years of performing throughout the Southeast and abroad, and teaching in Florida and Georgia. Archer Guitar School moved to Birmingham, Alabama in 1953, and has been the area's longest running guitar school, teaching thousands of students over the years. Current teachers Ric Archer, Danny Archer, Dolores (Archer) Traylor, and Alicia Perkins, as well as visiting instructors Jan (Archer) Shackelford (The Archer Dance Band) and Michael Shackelford (Future Elevators, GEMS), were all trained by founder Hardy Archer, and continue to use his perfected beginner's curriculum, as well as contemporary approaches to current and advanced styles.

Ric Archer

Owner / Instructor

Alicia Perkins

Instructor / Website Design

Dolores Archer-Traylor


Danny Archer


Ric Archer continues to teach
and oversees the school. Ric
graduated and taught at
Musician's Institute (G.I.T.) in
Hollywood, CA.
Ric also performs
internationally with the
Grammy-winning, Rock & Roll
Hall of Fame inductee
Dennis Edwards and his

After beginning guitar lessons
at the age of 14 at Archer
Guitar School, Alicia formed a
band and played in both school
and church. Trained by Ric
Archer, Alicia has been teaching
since 2006, and continues to
contribute to the guitar
arrangements and curriculum.
Alicia is also responsible for
website design & maintenance.

Dolores has been playing and
teaching guitar since the '70s.
She performed with her father
and sister, Jan, in various states,
and appeared with them
weekly on The Country Boy
Eddie Show. She operated
Archer Guitar School with her
father in the mid '80s, teaching
and arranging much of the
contemporary material.

Danny began playing and
teaching guitar in the 60's (He
gave his brother, Ric, his first
guitar lessons). After a stint in
the military in Florida and
Alaska, he returned to
Birmingham. He performed in
his church's band on bass and
guitar, and has returned to